Candidate Advisor(s) Dissertation / Thesis Title
Jihae Chung J. Rimer Inhibition of Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate Crystallization Using Organic Growth Modifiers
Byeongjin Baek L. Grabow Hydrodeoxygenation Mechanism of Acetaldehyde on Ru (0001)m RuO2 (110), and RuO2/TIO2 (110) From First-Principles Investigations
Ogochukwu Y. Enekwizu M. Harold Performance of a Composite Palladium Membrane Reactor for the Dehydrogenation of Ethylbenzene to Styrene
Yoo Rang Heo R. Krishnamoorti Blending PLA (Poly-lactic acid) with layered silicates
Yogendra Narayan Pandey M. Doxastakis A Sumulation Approach to Thermodynamics in Interfacial Phenomena
Julia Litvinov R. Willson High-sensitivity Protein Detection Using Immuno-PCR Phage Construct
Kai He R. Krishnamoorti Understanding the Transport of Nanoparticles in Microchannel Based Model Porous Media
Yoo Rang Heo R. Krishnamoorti Blending PLA (Poly-lactic acid) with layered silicates
Prasanna Dasari M. Harold Experimental Studies of NOx Storage and Reduction on Lean NOx Traps
Yuyan Wang R. Flumerfelt Low Density Epoxy Foams for Wind Energy Application
Arun Kota V. Balakotaiah and D. Luss Modeling and Simulation of Coupled LNT-SCR Catalytic System Univer Anaerobic and Aerobic Operating Conditions
Sahar Farmanesh J. Rimer Role of Natural an dSynthetic Growth Modifiers in Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate Crystallization
Alexandra Lupulescu J. Rimer A Multiscale Rational Design Approach for Tailoring Zeolite Crystal Morphology
Bijesh Shakya M. Harold and V. Balakotaiah Studies of Platinum Dispersion and Catalyst Architecture for Lean Nox Reduction
Mengting Yu D. Luss and V. Balakotaiah Modeling and Analysis of Particulate Matter Deposition and Regeneration in a Diesel Particulate Filter
Avantika Singh M. Robertson Structure and Dynamics of Block Copolymer Micelles in the Presence of Co-Solvents



Candidate Advisor(s) Dissertation / Thesis Title
Anupam Aich P. Vekilov A Microfluidics Approach Towards The Investigation of Free Heme Effects on Sickle Cell Hemoglobin Polymerization
Pankaj Kumar V. Balakotaiah and M. Franchek Low-dimensional Models for Real-time Simulation of Internal Combustion Engines and Catalytic After-treatment Systems
Devesh Agrawal R. Krishnamoorti Nanoparticles Transport Through Porous Media For Enhanced Oil Recovery
Ajay Pratap Singh M. Nikolaou Model-Based Feedback Control: Effect of Constraints on Controller Structure in Three case Studies
Rohit Khare V. Donnelly Interactions of Chlorine and Oxygen Containing Plasmas with Etching Product-Coated Reactor Walls, Studied by the Spinning Wall Technique
Ram Ratan Ratnakar V. Balakotaiah Multi-scale Averaging and Analysis of Transport and Reaction Phenomena in Porous Media
Pranit Metkar M. Harold and V. Balakotaiah Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Studies of Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx with NH3 on Fe- and Cu-Zeolite Monolithic Catalysts
Willard Quon J. Richardson A Compact and Efficient Steam Methane Reformer for Hydrogen Production
Hieu Doan L. Grabow Exploring Design Opportunities of Bifunctional Catalysts Using Density Functional Theory and Microkinetic Modeling
Pratik Bhagunde M. Nikolaou Mathematical Modeling the Effect of Antimicrobials on Heterogeneous Bacterial Popluations
Suchanun Moungthai G. Stein Direct Patterning of Conductive Polymer Domains for Photovoltaic Devices
Anthony Lie N. Varadarajan Quantification and Molecular Characterization of Anti-citrulline Antibodies in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Carol Chen- Zhuo V. Donnelly and D. Economou Plasma Enhanced Layer-by-Layer Deposition and Nano-Crystallization of Si:H Films
Srimoyee Bhattacharya M. Nikolaou Computer-Aided methodology for the Analysis, Design and Optimization of Production from Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
Yi Liu D. Luss and M. Harold NOx removal by LNT-SCR Dual- Layer Catalysts
Ginusha Perera G. Stein X-Ray Diffraction Measurements of Lithographically Defined Nanostructures
Sean Haddad J. Conrad Particle Motion at Defects in Colloidal Crystals



Candidate Advisor(s) Dissertation Title
Vu, Binh V. Willson, Richard PCR-based biomolecular detection
Knoop, Jennifer D. Willson, Richard Force discrimination for enhanced specificity of micro-retroreflector bioassays
Mu, Zuze Bidani, Akhil Mathematical Modelling and Experimental Study of Respiratory Burst in Murine Macrophages
Wang, Leizheng Luss, Dan Nanoenergetic Gas Generators
Wood, Douglas A. Luss, Dan Application of Electron Structure Calculations to the Migration of Oxygen through a Perovskite Membrane
AbdulBaki, Mansour K. Krishnamoorti, Ramanan Nanoparticle Effects on Polymer Crystallization and Dynamics
Chen, Wen-Hsiang Willson, Richard Biomolecule Adsorption: Materials and Fundamentals
Cacao, Eliedonna E. Willson, Richard Enzymatic darkening and silver staining: Application in microfluidic micro-retroreflector-based heterogeneous immunoassays
Ha, Mai L. Krishnamoorti, Ramanan Effects of nanoparticles on immiscible polymer blends
Prakash, Anupam Doxastakin, Manolis Molecular simulations of association of transmembrane peptides
Gundlapally, Santhosh Reddy Balakotaiah, Vemuri Effect of Non-uniform Activity and Conductivity on the Steady-State and Transient Performance of Catalytic Reactors
Wang, Yi-Ju Litvinov and Willson Development of magnetoresistive biosensors for molecular diagnostics



Candidate Advisor(s) Dissertation Title
Che, Kai Luss, Dan Temperature excursions during regeneration of diesel particulate filters
Clark, Michael Krishnamoorti, Ramanan Carbon nanotube-ceramic nanocomposites: Synthesis and characterization
Goldwin, Geofrey Richardson, James A compact and efficient steam methane reformer for hydrogen production
Israni, Sameer Harold, Mike High purity hydrogen generation using palladium-based membrane reactors
Joshi, Saurabh Balakotiah and Harold Experimental and modeling studies for real time simulations of catalytic monolithic reactors
Kumar, Ashok Harold and Balakotiah Mechanistic and microkinetic studies of Nitrogen Oxide Storage and Reduction (NSR) on Platinum/Barium Oxide/AIuminum Trioxide Catalysts using Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP)
Phirani, Jyoti Mohanty, Kishore Methane production from hydrate-bearing sediments
Uzunova, Veselina Vekilov, Peter Free heme and sickle hemoglobin polymerization
Yadav, Manoj Jacobson, Allan Novel electrode materials for solid oxide fuel cells and oxygen separation membranes
Yu, Chengfei Strasser and Harold Structural dynamics of platinum and platinum alloy nanoparticles probed by x-ray scattering techniques



Candidate Advisor(s) Dissertation Title
Belostotskiy, Sergey Economou and Donnelly Diagnostics of high pressure microdischarge plasmas
Bhatia, Divesh Balakotiah and Harold Kinetic and modeling studies of catalytic monolith reactors and lean nitrogen oxide traps
Boggara, Mohan Krishnamoorti, Ramanan Lipid-based drug delivery system--- Molecular dynamics simulations and neutron scattering studies
Fu, Joseph Yuchun Willson, Richard Applications of charge clustering and surface charge manipulation in biomolecule adsorption
Gupta, Robin Mohanty, Kishore Surfactant treatment of oil-wet fractured carbonate reservoirs
Koh, Shirlaine Strasser, Peter Dealloyed core-shell platinum-copper nanoparticle electrocatalysts
Srivatsava, Ratndeep Strasser, Peter Synthesis, characterization and optimization of platinum-alloy nanoparticle catalysts in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Xu, Jin Balakotiah and Harold Microkinetic modeling of nitric oxide-hydrogen-oxygen-ammonia system on platinum/barium oxide/aluminum oxide monolith catalysts



Candidate Advisor(s) Dissertation Title
Awasthi, Ankur Nikolaou Intelligent Oilfield Operations with application to drilling and production of hydrocarbon wells
Chatterjee, Tirtha Krishnamoorti Carbon nanotube-based polymer nanocomposites: Fractal network to hierarchical morphology
Clayton, Robert Balakotiah and Harold Steady-state and cyclic studies of platinum/barium oxide/aluminum oxide lean nitrogen oxide traps
Darby, Mark Nikolaou Studies of online optimization methods for experimental test design and state estimation
Guha, Joydeep Donnelly Study of the plasma surface interactions by the "spinning wall" technique
Kalia, Nitika Balakotiah Modeling and analysis of reactive dissolution of carbonate rocks
Kang, Sung Donnelly Studies of plasma diagnostics for carbon nanotube growth with plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Kemper, Steven Willson Immunoassays based upon micro-fabricated retroreflectors
Lewis, Edward Mohanty Sweep efficiency in miscible enhanced oil recovery processes
Ranjan, Alok Donnelly and Economou Diagnostics of fast neutral beams
Sani, Abu Mohanty Effect of clay nano-particles on foam stability and mass transfer resistance
Tripathi, Ila Mohanty Pore structure and wettability
Whittenton, Jeremiah Mohanty Development of liver therapies: Analysis of biomaterial-HepG2 cell interactions and targeted drug delivery for hepatocellular carcinoma
Xu, Liang Krishnamoorti Tailoring polymer properties with layered silicates



Candidate Advisor(s) Dissertation Title
Anez, Mariaclara Willson Nucleic acid detection: Computational PCR primer design and compaction agents
Bhambri, Pankaj Mohanty A three-dimensional four phase compositional streamline simulator with parallel implementation
Goel, Vivek Krishnamoorti Structure-dynamics in brush-like polymer nanocomposites
Hamilton, Phillip Luss Effects of catalyst particle design on polyolefin synthesis using supported metallocene catalyst
Meza, Cesar Balakotiah Modeling and experimental studies of large waves on free-falling wavy thin films
Potty, Ajish Radhakrishnan Willson Biophysical characterization of aptamer-protein interactions
Tatavalli, Nirmal Niklolauo and Economou Efficient design of experiments for complex response surfaces with application to etching uniformity in a plasma reactor
Wang, Chunyu Donnelly Plasma etching of high dielectric constant materials
Xu, Lin Donnelly and Economou Nanopantography: A new method for massively parallel nanopatterning over large areas
Zhang, Shishan Randy Lee Stabilization of monolayer-protected gold nanoparticles, and the growth of gold nanodendrites and their arrays



Candidate Advisor(s) Dissertation Title
Adibhatla, Bhargaw Mohanty Mechanisms of surfactant enhanced oil recovery in oil-wet fractured carbonate reservoirs
Agrawal, Rachana Balakotiah Analysis and modeling of temperature patterns in adiabatic catalytic reactors
Camp, James Capitano Induction of zoned liver functions by controlling oxygen diffusion
Gadalla, Hani Richardson Graduated loading of catalyst on reticulated ceramic foam
Georgiou, Dimitra Vekilov Phase transitions in insulin solutions and possible implications in living organisms
Gerdes, Kirk Luss Enhanced ionic oxygen flow through mixed ionic-electronic conducting membranes: Directional dependence, composite construction and the partial oxidation of methane
Ghaghada, Ketankumar Mohanty and Annapragada Novel nanoparticle contrast agents for blood pool imaging
Jackson, Bill Willson Microbial identification by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry of ribosomal RNA
Katsonis, Panagiotis Vekilov Simulations of the thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transitions in protein solutions
Kumar, Kamlesh Mohanty Study of wettability of surfaces and its implications in flow through porous media
Mudunuri, Ramesh Balakotiah Dynamics of free falling thin viscous films
Nair, Balamurali Harold Permselective palladium membranes for hydrogen separation
Nam, Sang Ki Economou Particle-in-cell simulation of beam extraction from a plasma through a grid: Application to neutral beam sources and nanopantography
Pan, Weichun Vekilov Dynamics and structures in protein solutions
Pinkerton, Brian Luss Spatiotemporal temperature patterns of acetylene hydrogenation in a fixed bed catalytic reactor
Qutub, Yasser Vekilov Phase behavior, self-assembly, and transport of membrane proteins and lipids
Sundar Ram, Sandhya Luss Transversal temperature patterns in a shallow packed bed reactor during single or multiple reactions
Wang, Qiang Economou Plasma diagnostics and modeling of direct current microplasma discharges at atmospheric pressure



Candidate Advisor(s) Dissertation Title
Filobelo, Luis Vekilov Kinetics of phase transition in protein solutions on microscopic and mesoscopic length scales
Kabin, Karen Harold Nitrogen oxide storage and reduction studies on platinum/barium/alumina monolithic catalysts
Karathanasis, Efstathios Mohanty and Annapragada Triggered and autoregulated pulmonary delivery of insulin
Lattner, James Harold Autothermal reforming (ATR) and ATR membrane reactors for hydrogen production: Experiments and modeling
Setoodeh, Mona Luss Generation of electrical fields during SHS
Shah, Mrinal Vekilov Phase separation in protein solutions as a tool for protein chip fabrication
Sharma, Manish Balakotiah and Harold Modeling and simulation of periodic storage and reaction in nitrogen oxide traps
Sun, Xuefei Mohanty Modeling of hydrate formation and dissociation in porous media



Candidate Advisor(s) Dissertation Title
Ajose Ogunlana, Damillola Mohanty Compositional upscaling in heterogeneous reservoirs
Bhattacharya, Maduchhanda Balakotiah and Harold Analysis of transport and reaction interactions in single and multiphase reactors
Cano, Luis Willson Studies in Biosepartations: Conformational Control and Competitive Adsorption
Cantu, Otoniel Richardson Improved Catalyst for Low NOx Catalytic Combustion
Hill, David Luss Metallocene Catalyst Particle Growth and Heating During Polyolefin Synthesis
Jeon, Keesu Krishnamoorti Crystallization of polyethylene thin films
Mitchell, Cynthia Krishnamoorti Carbon Nanotube Based Polymer Nanocomposites
Ramanathan, Karthik Balakotiah Analysis of Light-Off an dCumulative Emissions in Catalytic Monoliths
Song, Hao Luss Bounds on operating conditions leading to melting during olefin polymerization
Viswanathan, Ganesh Luss Transversal Temperature Patterns in Packed Bed Reactors



Candidate Advisor Dissertation Title
Chakraborty, Saikat Balakotah Averaging Theory and Low-Dimensional Models for Homogeneous and Catalytic Reactors
Deng, Jinxia Briggs Structure-Based Drug Design on HIV-1 Integrase and Brownian Dynamics Tudies of the Phosphate Receptor From M. Tuberculosis
Gautam, Pankaj Singh Mohanty Multiphase Transport Through Complex Composite Media
Marwaha, Bharat Luss Dynamics of Transvers Hot Zones in Shallow Packed Bed Reactors
Misra, Pratik Nikolaou Studies on Identification and Nonlinearity Assessment of Multivarialbe Control Systems
Raju Panga, Mohan Kanaka Balakotiah Multiscale Trnasport and Reaction: Two Case Studies
Sagias, Dimitrios Nikolaou Control of Nonlinear Processes at Various Steady States: Nonlinearity Measurement Control Performance Monitoring and Control
Sankaran, Sathish Nikolaou Development of Process Models from Operation Data-Studies in Hydraulic Fracturing and Predictive Control
Saputelli, Luigi Economides Self-Learning Reservoir Management An Application of Model Predictive Control for Continuous Oilfield Optimization
Scates, Robert Richardson In Situ XRD Studies of the Reduction of Nickel Oxide catalysts



Candidate Advisor Dissertation Title
App, Jeffrey Mohanty Relative Permeability Estimation From Production Data
Garg, Rohit Luss Dynamics of Countercurrent Flow and Revers-Flow Reactors
Hidajat, Irwan Mohanty Study of Carbonates Structure and Transport Properties Using NMR and X-Ray CT-Scanner
Kim, Doosik Economou Plasma Molding Over Steps and Trenches: Numerical Simulation and Comparison With Experiments
Kourentzi, Ekaterini Willson Molecular Recognition Using Nucleic Acids
Ramamurthi, Badri Economou Simulation of Low-Pressure Inductively Coupled Plasmas: Non-Local Effects and Pulsed Power Operation
Ren, Jiaziang Krishnamoorti Viscoelastic Properties of Polymer Based Layered-Silicate Nanocomposites
Shafiei, Mohammad Richardson Optimized Catalyst for Steam Reforming of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
Uehara, Christian Willson Towards Automatic Analysis of DNA Microarrays
Yurekli, Koray Krishnamoorti Structure and Dynamics of Filled Polymeric Systems
Zhang, Haiyang Nikolaou Spatial Uniformity Control of Plasma Etching in Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactor